What do I stand for?

Passion for sport, passion for communication and over thirty years experience. All this, under one roof.

Frank van den Wall Bake, founder of Trefpunt Sports and Leisure Marketing in 1978, goes back to the basics of what sponsoring of sports is all about with his "shop", Van den Wall Bake Consult. What is sponsoring and what is it not? The strengths and weaknesses lie close to one another. But where is the borderline?

The man who thought of and implemented the PTT Telecompetition and the Dutch KPN Premier League, and the Holland Heineken House at the Olympic Games, the man who was at the birth of, among other things, the "promo village" phenomenon at sports events, the Allianz Regatta, the Volkswagens for the Dutch Olympic athletes, the billboarding of Hollands leading sportprogramme on television, NOS Studio Sport, the extensive role of Amstel in soccer, the Rabobank sponsoring of cycling, the Essent ISU World Cup (skating); Aegon and Ajax, KPN and speedskating, ING and the Dutch Soccer team, the AKZONobel boat in the Volvo Ocean Race and the eight years Allianz sponsordeal with the Royal Netherlands Yachting Federation; the man who knows how to distinguish the "do's" from the "dont's", does what he does best.

What do I do?

Van den Wall Bake Consult is a centre of knowledge for (sports) sponsoring. At that centre there is 40 years of knowledge, skills, networks and, above all, feeling for the sponsoring profession. 40 years experience in the creative and strategic use of sponsoring. Van den Wall Bake Consult is the centre where a (sport) sponsor policy can be created or can be screened. A second opinion, a sounding board for questions such as: "are we doing it right" or "are we paying too much or too little" or "should we not set a new course" or "should we perhaps also enter the (sport) sponsoring arena".

What I do not do?

I am not involved in sponsorfinding so I am not looking for sponsors for a sport, an association, a club, an event or an individual athlete. I can, however, be involved in the formulation of a sponsor proposition and/or a policy for sponsoring. "How, where, when and who to approach", is a question where I can assist.

My Ambition

Scoring nines and tens for a limited number of clients instead of sixes and sevens for many. Clients with whom I have a good chemistry, with whom I have a permanent, healthy relationship, based on confidence.

I primarily look for and stand for quality because I am convinced that thinking in terms of quality is often the missing dimension in the ubiquitous quantitative thinking.

My passion is my motivation!