What others say about Frank van den Wall Bake

"Frank is one of a kind. He is there where it is happening. Always and for such a long time. That is no coincidence. That is skill. And he is far less diplomatic and much more outspoken than he looks. That is an important ingredient in his success story"

Jan de Jong
Former CEO NOS broadcasting and Former CEO Feyenoord and presently CEO of the major Dutch soccer league “Eredivisie”

"Frank is the gangway between sport, on the one hand, and the media and sponsors on the other hand. Sometimes narrow, sometimes wet and slippery, sometimes shaky, often stable, but you always get on board or back on dry land".

Mart Smeets
Television anchorman

"Whatever Frank chooses, the keywords confidence, respect and professionalism will always be the focus".

Ad Swartjes
Former Chairman of the Board RvB De Telegraaf

"In fifteen year's time we will know what Frank van den Wall Bake already knows"

John Wories
Former director of Endemol

"The refreshing thing about Van den Wall Bake is anyone who asks him a question gets an answer"

Gijs Moerman
Sports journalist (GPD)

"Frank is an extraordinary commercial man but he has the gift of not showing it. An honest and sporting man with whom I like to work"

Kees Jansma
Sports presenter on television

"I bless the day during the Soccer World Cup in 1994 that I got to know Frank"

Louis van Gaal
Former Head Coach Dutch National Soccer Team and
Former Head Coach Ajax, FC Barcelona, Bayern M?nchen and Manchester United

"Frank van den Wall Bake: a genius who, in an honest way and with respect for authority, can turn a triangle (media, sport, business) into a circle."

Joop Alberda
presently Technical Director Volleybal Federation
"Golden" Coach volleyball players (Olympics 1996 in Atlanta)
Former Sports Director NOC*NSF

"Frank van den Wall Bake, a gentleman in sport. Stylish, tactful. You almost ask yourself, what is he doing in that world? Passion and honest interest make him a master whom I admire and from whom I want to continue to learn"

Jan Driessen
Former Director of Communications AEGON

"Frank van den Wall Bake stands out by his great ability to anticipate and his broad vision. He is an excellent promoter of everything to do with top sport from which both the sports world and businesses profit optimally. He is of great importance to top sport in our country".

Charles Taylor
Former Head of Sport De Telegraaf

"Frank knows exactly what is realistic and what is not. He is enormously professional, straightforward and was already working on something before the others had any idea what he was up to. He always stood head and shoulders above all the amateurs in his line of business".

Tom van 't Hek
Former hockey international
Radio presenter ("Langs de Lijn")

"Frank is a man who knows the sports world through and through. He is not only very influential, he is also a very pleasant man"

Gert Sluis
Former Director of Communications Rabobank

"Frank van den Wall Bake is a man to whom you have to listen carefully. He has a great insight into things and he delivers quality. He is also absolutely crazy about sport and he has succeeded through his knowledge in bringing together two worlds which were initially on opposite courses"

Erica Terpstra
Former chairwomen of the Netherlands Olympic Committee

"Frank has a passion for the sport, translated with a clear opinion of his own and coupled to years of experience in sports marketing. Frank, I am still grateful to you for the chance you gave me to see behind the scenes of this exciting world. I hope to be able to share my vision with you for a long time to come"

Ron Zwerver
Volleyball Coach
Member of the Golden Team in Atlanta (1996)

"The name Frank van den Wall Bake makes me think of reliability and quality"

Anton Geesink (†)

"A highly professional, honest and reliable man. Certainly not a profiteer"

Bettine Vriesekoop
Tabletennisplayer and Sportslegend in the Netherlands

"Frank is honest, a perfectionist and crazy about everything to do with sport. You have to be a bit sports crazy to work with Frank. He actually invented the profession of sports marketing. I am proud to work with him".

Teddy d'Anjou
(Frank?s right- and left hand since 1985)

"A man who is always ready to help you. An absolute perfectionist. I would like to see him step out of his role just once because I have never seen it happen"

Sylvia Tóth
One of Holland's leading businesswomen

"Frank van den Wall Bake is someone with whom I can work together well. He always keeps his promises. His approach has achieved a breakthrough in the Dutch sports world".

Ronald Koeman
Head Coach of Dutch National Soccer Team

"My son grew up during the nights of the SPA Regatta under the leadership of Frank. And from the looks of my son they were not drinking SPA during those nights"

Co Snijder
Former Director of SPA (mineral water)

"Frank is extraordinarily flexible in his approach. One of his most notable things is that he is very attentive, perhaps driven by a commercial instinct"

Karel Vuursteen
Former CEO of Heineken
Member of the Board of Supervisory Directors of Heineken

"Frank is first in most things. He has meant a lot for me and for tennis in the commercial area".

Marcella Mesker
Former top tennis player
Television commentator

"Sports marketing expert Frank van den Wall Bake has built up an unimpeachable and reliable image"

Paul Onkenhout
Sports editor De Volkskrant

"Nothing but compliments, let us keep up the sports affinity"

Hein Verbruggen (†)
Honorary Chairman of UCI
Honorary IOC Board Member

"Only someone who maintains affinity with sports is able to build a healthy bridge between sport and commerce. I attribute this special quality to Frank"

Rinus Michels (†)
Former Dutch national soccer coach

"Frank's fame and integrity go hand in hand with his "sincere" indignation"

Wouter "Mickey" Huibregtsen (†)
McKinsey & Company

"I have a lot of respect for what Frank has built up in all those years. I know how difficult it is"

John de Mol
Media tycoon

"Frank may be proud of what he has achieved in 30 years"

Wilco Jiskoot
Former member of the Board of Directors of ABN AMRO Bank

"What Frank says and does is crystal clear. And in addition there is wonderful honesty"

Paul Mertz
Advertising guru